Phone repair Eindhoven

Smartphone repair in Eindhoven. 

Smartphone repair in Eindhoven. The most appreciated and cheapest repair shop in Eindhoven. All repairs are ready in 15 minutes and you don't need an appointment until 30 minutes before closing time.

Visit us at the Brussellaan 2F in Eindhoven, park your car for free and in front of our shop.

Our employees also speak English.

ready while you wait

Smartphone repair in the phone repair shop of GSM Eindhoven.

Smartphone repair is something our technicians do every day. Glass broken, screen replaced, battery worn out, button that no longer works properly. All this can be easily repaired by visiting our store.

Let us repair your smartphone for the lowest price in the Netherlands.

And of course we do not cut back on quality, but on profit margins, because all repairs get up to 1 year's written warranty.

Walk into our shop for a cup of coffee and have your smartphone repaired by our professionals..

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Smartphone repair method

No appointment required

During opening hours you can walk into our shop without appointment to offer a repair. 

Take a cup of coffee at the entrance

As soon as you enter our shop you will see the coffee machine. Take a coffee taste by choice and then offer it for repair at the counter.

Taken at the counter

One of our colleagues notes down the complaint and the desired part you want to have assembled. You will receive a number as proof of ingestion.

Take a seat in our waiting room

On average, the repair takes 15 minutes. Take a seat on one of the free seats or send a short message outside the door.

After 15 minutes of waiting

The number you received will be called and you can pick it up at the desk. Your Smartphone is now as new as ever.

Payment by debit card or cash

You can pay with us by debit card or in cash. 

Assess your experience with us

After payment, our employee will ask for your email address, which will give you the opportunity to write a review about our company when you return home. In this way we hope to be able to clarify that Service, Quality, Good Prices and a neat treatment are extremely important for us and previous visitors have experienced this as well. Any customer can leave a public review.

We are proud of these numbers:


Smartphone repairs every year. Can we make your own?


Repair parts in stock. If we do not have it, no one will have it.


Engineers are 6 days a week ready to start your repair immediately.


Kiyoh customer satisfaction score 9.0 of 10 thanks to 18 years of repair experience.

As you can see, you're never alone in our shop. Come and enjoy a visit to the Brussellaan 2F in Eindhoven. The coffee is ready.

We like to distinguish ourselves in the very best LCD / OLED Display quality that we use for screen repair

You probably didn't know that if you want to have the glass of your smartphone repaired, the LCD / OLED display will also be replaced in all cases. When replacing the glass or screen, just as you want to call it, a complete module is always used.

The repair price can be determined by whether or not the monitor is broken, because the remaining working screens yield a deposit. Screen modules are available in Copy quality as well as Refurbished (partially original) and 100% Original.

Of course there is quality difference in these different versions. Always let yourself be informed in advance about the quality of the repair agency used for replacement. Note: There are a lot of different qualities of Copy screens in circulation, some of them are perfect, but others are very bad. We only supply 1 quality Copy, and these are the best available on which we also give a 6 months warranty. It is therefore always possible to find a lower price elsewhere for a lower quality Copy.


Useful to have for your Samsung Smartphone

Samsung charger

Fast charging

€ 10,-

12 Volt Car charger

5 volt 2 ampere

€ 10,-

Charging cable

Micro USB / USB - C

€ 5,-

Tempered glass

Protect your screen

€ 10,-

Useful to have for your iPhone

iPhone Lightning kabel 1 meter

€ 5,-

iPhone Lightning kabel 2 meter

€ 10,-

Tempered glass


€ 10,-

Apple 12 watt charger

€ 15,-

Draadloze QI oplader

Baseus wireless QI charger

Wireless charging is possible with chargers from a few euros, but of course there is a big quality difference in wireless chargers.

Charging speed iPhone 7.5 Watt / Samsung 10 Watt.

Ideal for charging your iPhone 8 or iPhone X wirelessly.

Price: € 25,-

Come to GSM Eindhoven for the following reasons

Geen afspraak nodig

Get your smartphone repaired when it suits you

With us you don't need an appointment, so you can walk in when it suits you.

With 10,000 repair parts in stock you can be almost sure that we always have the necessary parts in stock. Of course, booking is always allowed.

reparatie klaar terwijl je wacht

Repair all smartphones always ready while you wait

The average repair time is 15 minutes for a faulty smartphone. So you never have to wait long with us. And to make waiting as pleasant as possible, we have a comfortable waiting room with free coffee, tea or chocolate.

Gratis parkeren

Free parking in front of our shop

Nothing is as annoying as having to walk a few minutes before you reach your destination. That's why you can park at our shop just in front of the door, just 10 metres away. As said: free of charge.

1 jaar garantie

Always 1 year warranty for a ruthlessly low price

Cut back on quality? Not with us. That's why on almost all screens you get a 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects, made possible by our 18 years of experience. And the price, it is ruthlessly low.


Invoice for company or insurance

Our guarantee is in writing, and so is your invoice. You can use this invoice for your accounting, or possibly submit it to your insurer if the damage is covered under one of your insurance policies.


Because it is just pebble cozy to come to our coffee

Every customer gets the opportunity to leave an experience description about us, and we publish it on without any modifications. The friendliness of our employees is particularly often mentioned here, as well as the expertise in our field. And of course it is a bit more cosy with a free cup of coffee there. Go to our review page and let yourself be convinced of what we stand for.

klant tevredenheid

Customer satisfaction is our main goal.

We score a 9.0 of 10 among the last 2,000 reviewers on the most reliable assessment website in the Netherlands:
Also come to Brabant's best and most rated repair agency. (Source: Kiyoh)
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Why us ?

We offer the fastest repairs to smartphones and tablets for a ruthlessly low price. You can always walk into our shop in Eindhoven without appointment to have your phone screen repaired immediately, or to replace a battery in your smartphone.

GSM Eindhoven can be found at the Brussellaan 2F in Eindhoven | GSM: 06-28.199.632